Combination skin: how to find the right balance in your beauty routine.

If you have combination skin, "balance" is what your skincare routine needs. Discover why and the right products to take care of this skin.

It’s probably the most common skin type which shows two or more different conditions. Quite complicated, isn’t it?

Which are the common symptoms?

In case of combination skin the T zone (nose-forehead-chin) can be easily noticed for its oily look and in other areas can be dry, tight and/or sensitive. It’s also a skin type prone to occasional problems such as imperfections, pimples, blackheads, rashes, hyperpigmentation.

What causes this condition?

Usually combination skin is the consequence to wrong beauty products, too irritating or just too much “rich”. That’s why knowing our skin type help us to choose with consciousness which beauty products are more suitable to our face.

Obviously other factors lead to this condition, genetics first of all, but also exterior causes like climate. During summer, due to high temperatures and humidity, skin condition can change and worse.

How to naturally restore the skin balance?

Combination skin shows different situations that must be controlled and handled at the same time. Beauty routine will have to be very careful and balanced. Indeed the skin is going to be moisturized ( avoiding the use of too heavy products that might clogged pores) and exfoliated ( without causing further dryness of the skin).

Applying everyday a mineral sunscreen prevent from UV rays to clog pores. The basis of every skincare routine.

combination skin

Let’s see the main steps of combination skincare routine.


The basis of this beauty routine, as for the oily one. Choose a gentle cleanser which not further irritates the skin, without aggressives surfactants (SLS) and added fragrances. Forget soap and bar soap!


With this skin type it’s important to apply different products on different areas. For example, apply light gel or products which absorb the sebum from the T-zone while use more moisturizing creams on the driest parts.

Always choose formulas with no silicones and others comedogenic ingredients. Learn some more about oily skin.

If some parts feel still tight, you can complete your beauty routine with a serum ( before the face cream) and/or another richer moisturizer.


Using gentle products rich in antioxidants helps to take care of the skin and keep it healthy. The right amount of Vitamin A is really effiecient for combination skin! We can find it in natural ingredients like rose hip oil ( contains retinoic acid) and sea buckthorn oil.


Bring back the glow on your skin with a exfoliating treatment which get rid of dead cells and minimize pores.


This skin is characterized by imperfections and enlarged pores especially around the nose. From now on exfoliate from the deep with a chemical exfoliator in lotion based on fruit acids.

After noticing the first results, follow a prevention plan, moving from chemical exfoliation to physical exfoliation, with a face scrub and, if you prefer, beauty devices or cotton muslin cloths.

As we have seen, this skin need to be treated with different products. Once or twice a week apply a clay face mask only on the T-zone. It will help to absorb the oil in the excess, get rid of impurities and will prevent from blackheads to reappear. On the rest of the face opt for a moisturizing mask.


  • As for oily skin, if in certain areas your skin shows too shiness, it’s recommend to use a mineal makeup. This kind of makeup absorbs the oil in excess and it’s very lasting.
  • In the end, after a long day, always remove make up! The dirt and make up pigments contribute to make imperfections ( pimples, blackheads, etc.).

3-Step Skincare Routine

Find out a simple yet effective basic skincare regimen for combination skin.
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