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Welcome on 23 St Diary, the Beauty Magazine about the world of natural cosmetics. Your new reference point dedicated to Clean Beauty, with news, trends, tips, interviews and an in-depth focus on the topic. Every post will represent a new stop in the map that will become a brand-new guide to let you find your bearings in a new idea of beauty. You are about to leave venturing in the most transparent cosmetic products on the market, with a 100% clean INCI, safe, efficient and with a green soul, for a new, non-toxic and cruelty free beauty routine.

Start your trip now!

Natural face oils for oily skin
Thinking that a face oil can have a beneficial effect even on shiny skin is hard to believe, but it's true. Get to know the right oils and how to use them.
Indie Beauty: the independent Beauty Brands
The new independents brands get into the heart of the new generations. Quality, sustainability, transparency and empathy are the strengths of indie beauty.
INCI Cosmetics: ingredients to avoid.
What is inside your beauty products? Knowing the INCI of products allows you to understand if the cosmetics you are using might be harmful, allergenic or toxic.
Certified organic and natural cosmetics.
Do you know what are the certifications for -Organic Cosmetics- and -Natural Cosmetics- that guarantee your safety? Let’s find out.
Skin Care Routine: how to get perfect skin.
How to take care of your facial skin everyday. Here are the tips to have a perfect face thanks to a clean skin routine.
Clean Beauty: what does it means?
Not just the new beauty sense, but a new frontier in terms of beauty.
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