Customized skincare routine: discover how to build a beauty routine according to your skin type.

Having a beautiful and healthy skin face it's not just all about DNA. Daily dedication to skin care can give excellent results, that mirror will reflect right then in front of us. Experts, online reviews, newspaper articles... everyone has their own opinion on this topic. Let's rearrange the ideas and see how to own this beauty ritual and customize it according to your skin type.

Che tipo di pelle ho? Come posso avere una pelle perfetta?
Queste sono solo due delle tante domande che spesso noi donne rivolgiamo a noi stesse.

Dopo aver capito quali sono i passaggi fondamentali per una skin care routine corretta, scopriamo ora come creare una beauty routine unica in base ai diversi tipi di pelle, anche la più sensibile.
Ecco quali prodotti scegliere per personalizzarla, costruendola Step-by-Step.

Step 1: the cleanser.

The difference of a cleanser to another is basically its formula. On the market there is plenty of them ( in foam, in cream, oil-based or the most “rich” in balm) Let’s find out the formula that will suit the most your facial skin:

Oily skin

the oily skin cleanser will have a creamy formula, to remove the excess of sebum and all the impurities. It’s better to avoid the foaming cleansers, usually suggested for this kind of skin, because too aggressive.

Dry skin

is suggested a creamy cleanser or an oil , to clean and hydrate at the same time.

Sensitive skin

Oil cleanser, for a delicate detersion.

Normal skin

Micellar water, comfortable and versatile.

Mature skin

in this case is necessary a creamy cleans rich in balm to nourish deeply.

tipi di pelle detergente viso

Step 2: the toner.

The face toner is often takes into granted, and considered an “optional” step, but it’s very important for almost all the skin types.
A correct face toner, turns out to be a precious extra nourishment for our skin beacuse it has the power to add specific ingredients to our routine. Each skin have their own:

Oily skin

a toner formulated with fruit acids, to remove the dead cells from the skin that might clog the pores.

Dry skin

a toner with hyaluronic acid to boost the hydration.

Sensitive skin

a rose water toner, a timeless classic to give relief to reddened skin and irritated.

Mature skin

a specific toner with vitamin E and vitamin C, to contrast the free radicals which cause the aging of the skin.

tipi di pelle tonico skin care routine

Step 3: the serum.

A powerful allied of our skin. The serums are concentrate doses of actives ingredients that help in case of particular skin problems ( like spots and wrinkles) but also suitable for normal skins, thanks to their antioxidant properties.
They have to be applied before the face cream and the choice of this product must be based on specific needs compared to the skin type, for example:

Anti Spot

a serum created with a blend of ingredients to reduce the hyper-pigmentation. Among the actives ingredients we can find turmeric root, liquorice and Rumex extract.


an elixir of youth to slow down the cellular ageing. The ideal is a plant-based collagen, with a blend of marine plants, seaweed collagen, millet and litchi extract.


a perfect serum to apply in the morning, rich in vitamins. For example the extract of broccoli seeds is rich in antioxidants and fat acids and protect the skin from the UV rays, offering a valid option to the classic retinol.


a probiotic infusion inside the serum will give great hydrating properties and will maintain in perfect health the microbiome. Even ingredients like jojoba milk and birch leaves, highly nourishing, create a protective barrier on the skin.

tipi di pelle siero viso

Don’t skip this step, it’s essential for each skin type. Face cream must never miss during the year ( obviously, chosing the one with the best texture according to the season). Its purpose is to nourish and moisturize the skin, helping to prevent the water loss through the exterior layers of the skin ( which worse with the passing of time). See next the best face cream based on the different textures:

Oily skin

the face cream for oily skin should be in gel, lightweight and water-based, for be easily absorbed.

Dry and mature skin

a face cream by the rich texture with the add of oils.

Sensitive skin

more than a cream, for the sensitive skin, we suggest a face balm. Indicated for really dry skin.

Normal and combination skin

in this case a “lotion” is suitable, a halfway texture between the gel and the cream.

tipi di pelle crema viso


A daily moisturizing face cream with a broad spectrum SPF could be the ideal allied all along the year. Indeed sunscreen prevents from wrinkles and above all it protects you from develop skin cancer.

tipi di pelle skin care beauty routine

At home SPA: extra face care treatments.

A product that can be applied after the serum ( but before face cream) it’s the face oil. That is a pure infusion of vegetal oils which gives an immediately extra hydration! Use a small quantity  (some drops) of the product on the face and tap with fingers, spreading it evenly. Who suffers from really dry skin can use it both morning and evening during the beauty routine, otherwise it’s advisable as a night beauty ritual.
This is not a treatment for any kind of skin and need to be choose with care. Actually, it is suggested to avoid essential oils ( potentially allergenic) and obviously oils with the add of synthetic fragrances ( potentially irritating).

Face mask on!

Face masks are the ultimate trend in beauty world! A real booster in your skincare routine. Obviously there are different types ( according to skin problems) and formats ( cream, powder, tissue) each with their application methods.
For some skins ( like the combination one) a great choice is to use two different masks at the same time, so to get both benefits in different areas. For example we can apply a clay face mask ( ideal to absorb the sebum excess) in the T zone, and a moisturizing mask in cream on the rest of the face.


Once a week use the face mask and apply it after the serum.

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