Sensitive skin. How to recognise and treat this skin type.

When we have to choose among a dozen of different products the question arises: which type is my skin? Discover now if your skin is sensitive and which beauty routine is suitable.

A correct facial beauty routine, to get visible results, must be customized and in favor of skin ( not against it!). To do that we have to give a “name” to our skin.  Identify a specific problematic it’s not easy because skin tends to change over the life. Which are the characteristics of sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin, what it means?

Sensitive skin (or Sensitive Skin Syndrome) is a skin condition that can appear at any age, both in dry skin or combination skin. Especially in industrialized countries, this skin problematic is more common than is thought. Indeed one third of the population suffer from skin sensibility, in different levels, and women are the most affected.

Which are the commons symptoms?

Sensitive skin is very reactive. Who has this skin type can notice rednesses and constant skin rashes. The skin is dry, tight, it can easily flushes and it’s predisposed to have allergic reactions with aggressives beauty products. Signs that can be the alarm bell for dermatological diseases like dermatitis and rosacea (in this case consult your dermatologist).

What trigger this skin condition?

The skin has a natural protective hydrolipidic film, a surface barrier, which protects it from the exterior world and reduce the water loss. Having sensitive skin condition is a result of an alterated epidermal barrier. The trigger can be genetic factors predisposing or environmental factors such as: climate changes, pollution, UV rays, or reasons linked to our lifestyle, like diet and the consume of alcohol.

Most of the time the fault is linked to wrong cosmetic products, which stress the skin with aggressives ingredients like SLS and soaps that alterates the natural skin pH (between the 4,2 and 5,5).

The result?

Dehydration and inflammatory stages that produce unpleasable and annoying feelings on the skin. A weak or compromised skin barrier allows the entry of irritating external aggressors (UV rays, toxins, microorganisms, smog, etc.) causing allergies and break outs.

How to restore your natural skin barrier

Sensitive skin needs a careful skin routine with few focused treatments that soothe the skin inflammation, strengthen it from the inside.

Sensitive skincare routine: the basic steps.


In cosmetic routine prefer hypoallergenic products, those with no ingredients that can cause irritation and allergic reactions to skin like: synthetic fragrances, alcohol, preservative and essential oils. Go for a cleanser free of aggressives surfactants like SLS and SLES (avoid foaming cleansers or the classic soap bar).

During this step, remind that extra hot water can dry out and irritate your skin. Water (especially the hard one) is able to alterate the natural oily layer of sebum on your skin. In the end, gently pad your face with a towel, without rubbing.


After cleansing, apply a rich moisturizing cream or a high concentration of natural oils to nourish and repair the physiological barrier of the skin, getting back the humidity lost. We recommend a broad-spectrum sunscreen offering protection against both UVA and UVB rays.


Don’t overdo with aggressive cosmetic cares like exfoliation. Prefer chemical exfoliants, which turns out to be more gentle rather than physical exfoliants (like face scrubs and exfoliators tools).

The most effective ingredients for Sensitive Skin.

Here a list of ingredients to check in the INCI  of your cosmetics:

  • Bisabolol (a derivate of camomile which boasts soothing properties).
  • Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract.
  • Avena Sativa (a ultra gentle ingredient which repair the skin).
  • Linoleic acid (a omega 6  fatty acid that stands in cucumber oil and in borage oil).
  • Honey (by the anti-bacterials and moisturizing properties, it helps to keep your skin hydrated).
  • Shea Butter (a great moisturize agent).


Testing cosmetics before you buy can solve many of your beauty allergic reaction. Do a patch test before using any beauty product.

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3-Step Skincare Routine

Find out a simple yet effective basic skincare regimen for sensitive skin.
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