Accessories and products for your skin care routine: discover the beauty tools to be added right now to your beauty rituals.

A daily beauty routine is your best ally for your skin care. We have already watched all the steps for a perfect skin care routine; now let us find out how to make it more efficient, funny and how to turn it into a real moment of self-treats for your face and for yourself. The beauty routine accessories represent a great help and they'll make even the most sceptical change their mind!

In order to boost your skincare routine arm yourself with the right beauty accessories! This field is always in a constant buzz and evolution, with new beauty tools, more or less technologically advanced, to be found on the market every year. One of the trends of the moment for instance takes its inspiration from the so-called crystaltherapy, a practice that is used in alternative medicine and that attributes healthy properties to the use of crystals.
Holistic beauty is a rising trend for beauty addicted, above all among youngsters. In fact, new generations appreciate a more radical approach to beauty.
On the other hand, we can find in the eco-beauty world new accessories to cleanse your face and to remove your make up, winking at a wasteless philosophy. This is about products with a continuous use, thus interrupting the vicious cycle of disposable products. Even these simple actions can help reducing their impact on the environment and they represent a #zerowaste solution (that is they help reducing the production of waste).

Basic accessories you must have.

The anti-stress effect of these accessories is sure, let us take a look now at the basic accessories you must have in your bathroom and let us see how to use them in our beauty rituals in order to get better results.

cloth washcloth beauty routine

The Cloths.

Cloths or washcloths are pieces of fabric, normally made of cotton muslin (but different materials are available for this use) that help you cleanse deeply and carefully your face. They can be used to remove your make-up, as well as a mask or a treatment, but also to have a light exfoliating effect.

Double-faced visage cloths made of organic cotton are the best choice, one soft side for an extremely delicate cleansing (ideal for sensitive skin types) and one textured side for a stronger exfoliating effect. These cloths are machine-washable, they dry quickly and they are the perfect tool to complete your beauty ritual. In order to guarantee the fabric’s freshness and to avoid the presence of bacteria we advise you to wash your cloth every day (manually or in the washing machine). For an even better guarantee, you can buy a cotton and bamboo cloth (naturally antibacterial).


These cloths are perfect even for children’s sensitive skin!

The ecological cleansing disk.

As an alternative to the classic cloth, you could try the new ecological cleansing disks.
They are available in many sizes and are perfect to remove your make up, masks, etc. They are reusable and they are normally made of organic cotton and bamboo, they are easy-to-use and manually- or machine-washable. Nowadays they are the most natural and sustainable choice you can make, guess that one single reusable disk corresponds to 300 disposable disks!

jade roller beauty tools

Jade roller: an oriental touch in your skincare routine.

Jade rollers aren’t hi-tech beauty tools but they are fundamental for a great facial massage.
A beauty device with ancient origins, which derives from the traditional Chinese medicine and that can really make the difference, tightening your skin and giving it a reinvigorating massage for both face and neck.

What about the benefits?

The roller’s mechanical action moving delicately on your skin has effects on the lymphatic system, improves micro-circulation and stretches wrinkles. There are many versions available, with one or two rollers (normally the second roller is smaller than the first one, making it perfect for the eye contour area). For the ones who aren’t experts in crystaltherapy, jade is known to be a resourceful mineral with several properties, such as: it soothes stress, it helps the relaxing process and stimulates the immune system.
Besides, natural jade can maintain a low temperature for long, even when in contact with the skin’s warmth. This unique feature enables us to use the “cold-therapy” which tones and decongests your face to let you get all the anti-age benefits of this precious tool.

How to use it.

After having applied your face serum or your face cream, start massaging delicately your neck’s and face’s skin (without putting too much pressure) with the jade roller always with lifting movements from the bottom upwards, thus opposing to the “gravity” effect. The applied treatments will penetrate better and more deeply.

Which one to choose.

The jade roller is perfect for every skin type (except for sensitive skin, we’ll talk about this in a moment). The choice of your roller type is up to you. If the eye area is the most problematic one in your case (wrinkles, puffiness, etc.) then you’d better choose the two-rollers one, with a big and a small roller, thus making the massage for that delicate eye contour area easier.
Use it in the morning to alleviate the typical wake-up swelling!

If you have a sensitive skin instead, don’t worry, we have the right solution for you: the rose quartz face roller! Rose quartz is famous for its extra smooth texture and it is perfect for the most delicate skins.
If you can’t wait to try this beauty tool, it is important you buy consciously: choose the roller that best fits you and only buy the ones with whole and 100% authentic stones, with a suitable certification declaring their origin area!

rose quartz roller beauty tools


Store your roller in the fridge in order to get an improved result and use it every day for your beauty routine.

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