Skin Care Routine: taking care of your skin everyday. The advise to get a perfect skin thanks to a proper Clean Beauty Routine.

Taking care of your skin means dedicating a moment to it every single day. Consistency is essential when dealing with skin care and it is necessary to take the right time for a proper beauty routine. But what do we mean by Skin care Routine? What rituals need to be followed? How much time should we invest into it? Why? Asking these questions means having the right attitude to start.

Let’s start from the beginning

Skin care represents the art of taking care of your skin, through a dedicated beauty routine. Routine clearly indicates a habit to acquire through practice and experience. Having the right competencies, experimenting and committing to it everyday will definitely help you.

Each type of skin (especially the most sensitive) needs a beauty routine. The steps to follow for this “beauty ritual” are more or less the same, but every beauty routine is personal and needs to be personalised according to the type of skin, through different types of products and different techniques.

Morning beauty routine VS Night beauty routine

Throughout the day, there are two moments that need to be dedicated to skin care: morning and night. Take it as a moment for both your skin and yourself. It is in fact an essential and personal ritual, a moment to cherish yourself. The time needed for this routine is also personal, there is not a “precise” time, but it is preferable to treat yourself for at least a few minutes (even with a hectic life), in order to perform all the right steps for a short but effective beauty routine. No excuses allowed.

Morning & Night: two very different moments of your day. In the morning it is essential to awaken our skin after sleeping, while at night we need to clean it and purify it after the “aggressions” received throughout the day (make up, pollution, bacteria, etc.)

AM: prepare your skin to a new day!

  1. Key word: face cleanser. An essential daily step to start our skin care routine. This first step will eliminate excess sebum produced during the night.
    HOW TO > Apply the product in your palm and start massaging it directly on your face. Rinse well with tepid water and dry with a clean sponge. Remember to always wash your face with the most suitable product for your skin type.
  2. Natural toner: often forgotten and considered a “non-essential” step. This could not be more wrong. The toner is essential to restore the right hydration and skin pH after cleansing. It also prevents from feeling tight skin.
    HOW TO > Vaporize the product directly on your face. Tap with your fingers to let it penetrate your skin. Wait a minute before going to the next step.
  3. Face cream: now that your skin is clean, we can apply face cream with a good INCI, specific to our skin type and depending on the time of year. This pleasant feeling restores the proper hydration of your skin.
    HOW TO > Apply on your face the right quantity of product (do not exagerate) and massage with circular movements until it is completely absorbed.
  4. Organic eye contour: optional step (only if you are under 30) if you want to have specific results on the delicate area of eye contour, with all the benefits of biological ingredients.
    HOW TO > Tap a small quantity of product under and around the eyes. Now your skin is perfect and ready for make-up.
skin care routine

PM: after a long day, give your skin a proper goodnight.

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 from your morning beauty routine. Cleansing your face will be an essential step of your night beauty routine since getting your make-up off is absolutely necessary before going to bed! You might need a different detergent to remove make-up from your eye area.
  2. Before applying cream, it is preferable to add an intermediate step, by applying face serum. This product is highly specific, depending on the needs, and perfect to help problematic skin types that need targeted treatment (anti-age, against dark spots, illuminating, etc.)
  3. Apply a face cream or a face oil for an extra hydration, it will have the right amount of time to penetrate your skin throughout the night. Good Night!
Night beauty routine

Besides the basic morning and night beauty routines, it is advisable to add two more treatments to your beauty routine, once or twice a week (depending on your skin type). For these extra rituals, pick a peaceful moment, to treat yourself with some relaxing time.

  • Face exfoliant: it is a deeply cleaning process, a scrub or lotion, which is able to remove dead skin cells.
  • Face Mask: there are perfect masks for every type of need, able to hydrate and purify deeply. Pick the right one for your skin type, with the features your prefer (powdered to mix with water or honey or a cream to apply with the proper brush). You can remove the face mask using a cloth.

To properly work, the beauty routine has to be done correctly and become part of our daily activities. To have a perfectly healthy skin, the skin routine should be 100% clean.

A correct clean beauty routine can help your health, your look, your natural radiance and help resolve any skin problems there might be. Moreover, it helps with duration and performance of your make up while also reducing the signs of aging.
What are you waiting for? Your skin wellness starts from here.

Find out what Clean Beauty is, if you are not familiar with it.


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