Clean Beauty: the revolution in the skin care. What does it means and why is it important?

When it comes to cosmetic the latest trend is definitely "Clean Beauty", which stands for "clean-based" Beauty. Not just the new beauty sense, but a new frontier in terms of beauty. A concept which embraces a bigger life philosophy, the "green life" one. Curious to know what it deals with? Find it all here.

In a world that constantly exposes ourselves to pollution, stress and chemicals substances, beauty sector is not less.
We have learned to eat healthier, to take care about our body, but can we say the same thing of our beauty routine? The synthetic chemicals ingredients are truly necessary in our beauty products?

Does it exist a better and as mush as efficient option? 

Fortunately the answer is YES, IT DOES.

Have you ever heard about “Clean Beauty” ?
It’s possible to move to a “clean” beauty and it means changing our perspective, looking forward and leaving us back the old habits. Next the needed information to face up your new path to a clean beauty routine.

Clean Beauty: what does it means? The final guide for a clean skincare routine with natural cosmetics.

The beauty products which belong to this “Clean” movement, unlike those conventionals we have used for years, are most composed by natural ingredients and so safier for our health since they are free of chemicals substances considered potentially harmful, toxic, irritating or simply unuseful for us and for our skin. Belonging into this group substances such as: parabens, sulphates, phthalates, SLS, SLES, formaldehyde, mineral oils, silicones, colorants and synthetic fragrances, chemicals sunscreen and much more.

These acronyms, sometimes unknown and by the strange lingo, represents the most common toxins which are better to avoid: a redness on the face after putting a cream, a itch due to an aggressive shampoo, the sudden headache after spraying a perfume… typical situations linked to the use of these ingredients. Several are the collateral effects on our body such as: sensitive skin, clogged pores, rashes, skin congestion, allergies until hormonals disorders and reproductive problems.


Speaking of the “Clean Beauty movement” we suggest an Instagram hashtag which is constantly making its way and includes all the support of those believe in the products with clean INCI. You won’t regret by following it:  #cleanbeauty

Clean beauty

How do we move to a “Clean” beauty routine with natural cosmetics? Let’s explain where to start.

Not everyone knows that skin is our biggest organ which absorbs around 60% of what is put on it. The body can heaped some chemical substances from conventional beauty products ( even during touchy period such as pregnancy or breast feeding). How to avoid these arguable ingredients?
The first step to “clean” your beauty routine is about awarness: have we ever ask ourselves what our beauty products contains?
Cleaning the beauty case is a major step. Quite sure we might have unpleasable surprises but knowledge is the power and thanks to it we can change! Ready to make better decisions?

Leave your old beauty routine. Here the first 3 steps:

  1. Get rid of the products opened from more of 9/12 months

    Tidy up your beauty case ( yes, even those you barely use or not finished because they have expired and they are not healthy for you anymore).

  2. Be selective: “less is more”.

    The trip towards the “clean” beauty starts from the products considered essentials for a clean beauty routine.
    Replace one product at a time, beginning from the facial care ones.

  3. Don’t get trust only by the picture of a product

    Unfortunately words like “natural” or “organic” are not often clearly regulated and don’t have a worlwide standard definition. Reading the label make the difference!

    Just like we have learned with food at the supermarket, it’s essential to take some time to truly know what our beauty products contains. Definitely it’s not easy but with our help and a little bit of practice you will quickly discover if your products have ingredients to avoid, become anexpert with our ingredients guide.

Clean beauty routine

Clearness is the key word of Clean Beauty trend towards a real change, to make the difference into the world of beauty just as we know it today. A fast growing movement thanks to its consumers which, more conscious, understand that they can make different choises asking to the marketplace safier products for their health, with few and clear ingredients, in favor also with the environment. Indeed over the using of clean”  products, the commit of this movement turns to all the productive process. The brands effort to be cruelty free (so against the tests on animals and in high percetage vegans too), careful on sostenibility of their packaging (reyclable boxes and made of  recycled paper instead of plastic) and eco-friendly (creating little productions with short supply chains using as mush as possible organic ingredients).

Clean beauty natural ingredients

Every step closer to Clean Beauty world counts: for you, for your skin, for your health and for the environment.

Remember that every path is personal and don’t needs drastic changes at the beginning. It takes time and starts with being aware of your own choices and their risks. Once reached a balanced and healthy beauty routine, you will be inspired to take better decisions and becoming always more curious to discover, try, green and natural products suitable for yourself.

Being “clean” is cool, and the market, in fast growing, is filling with new natural brands.
In Caos Beauty article, we suggest how to recognise those really 100% clean, which follow strict guide lines and make a costant research to guarantee the most safier products, for you and for your family.


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