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Clean beauty: a beauty revolution

23 St Beauty guides you towards a conscious purchase, selecting only green, safe, sustainable and effective cosmetics. We take a stand against ingredients that are harmful to you and the environment. We believe in true, 100% natural beauty.

The Ingredients

A strict selection.

In a world that is repeatedly exposing us to pollution, stress and chemical substances, the Beauty domain is unfortunately as good as that. We learnt how to eat in a healthier way, to train our body, but is it the same with our beauty routine? Here at 23 St Beauty we believe that a healthy and natural beauty starts with eliminating all toxic and irritating chemical ingredients from cosmetic products. We are talking about substances such as: parabens, sulphates, phthalates, SLS, SLES, formaldehyde, mineral oils, silicones, colourants and artificial fragrances, chemical sunscreens and many more.

Unfortunately, only few people are really aware these days about the ingredients of their beauty products and about the impact they have on their body and on the planet. 23 St Beauty accurately selects the safest beauty products for your well-being, with natural origin ingredients which passed very strict quality tests, in order to guarantee a complete transparence and a 100% clean INCI. A new point of view, for a genuine label.

It’s our rule.

The Selection

Non-toxic cosmetics only.

We only select brands that share our sustainable development philosophy and our ethical values. We personally test and evaluate hundreds of cosmetic products in order to select only the ones which are 100% natural, cruelty free, with organic formulations guaranteeing high performances and amazing results. An incessant activity of research to ensure an eco-luxury beauty experience.

23 St Beauty presents exclusively the best independent and innovative clean beauty brands from all over the world: from Hawaii to Scotland and Australia. A unique and sophisticated proposal, which always follows our strict guidelines. All together we support true natural beauty, without compromises.

The Experience.

Simple and personalized shopping.

23 St Beauty is the paradise of natural beauty.
We love communicating, sharing information, alongside with the benefits and the advantages of the cosmetic products we select so carefully. We represent a reference point in the alternative beauty world, where you can choose in a simple yet aware way safe, healthy and effective products, meeting your specific needs.

Fully personalise your beauty shopping experience! With our selection of filters you will find dedicated results and products tailored to your needs. Specific solutions for a beauty routine full of 100% clean & tailor-made products. A skincare routine like you never experienced before.

About me.

The Founder.

My personal journey towards clean beauty began eight years ago, when I started changing my lifestyle. I changed my diet and I adopted healthier and better habits for my body and for the environment as well, but it was only when I found out a natural beauty alternative that I realised how little I knew about the beauty products I used to buy on a weekly basis. 23 St Beauty derives from the love for this field but above all from the need to share the awareness I gained during this journey.

A way to talk about and to promote this life choice, creating a community of awarer people. A means to meet the increasing need for a natural beauty, that is at the same time effective, safe and 100% green. A beauty e-store loosely inspired to New York, inviting people to get on one of its many subways taking them, one stop after the other, to the discovery of a new way of living and experiencing beauty.

“I love to work for truth and beauty”.

My Rewards
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